National Park Wadden Sea

Meet us in nature

Nationaal Park Wadden Sea

Ballum Camping is official Nationalpark Partner and borders to National Park Wadden Sea, which is part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO. In this natural area you can see many birds and wildlife species throughout the year.

Look for more on the website of Visit Denmark and Vadehavet Rømø and Vadehavet Ribe.

Just walk and cycle from the campsite into the Wadden Sea area. A fine base for your daily activities. Watch the movie.

Sort Sol (Black Sun)

The natural phenomenon ´black sun´, when huge flocks of starlings shape-drift and dance at the evening sky, can be experienced in several places near the Wadden Sea in spring and autumn. The supreme largest flocks are found in Tøndermarsken, where the starlings spend the night in the large forest areas.

At the website Sort Sol you can read more about this phenomenon and about the tour organizers in the national park, who arranges guided black sun tours.

Pictures of Torben Andersen og Peter Marczak

Sort Sol Film

More pictures and films >>>

Ballum Camping

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